Episode 21 - Working better together

Show Notes

In this episode, we are going to discuss team work and how to work effectively as a team. Because being a developer, your need to be able to work on your own, but also with a team. Sometimes that means getting the team to work better together.



The points we will cover are:

  • Define what success looks like for the team
  • Work out how to get there, decide who is doing what
  • Do not complain
  • Celebrate great teamwork
  • Team cohesion
  • No man is an island


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James Studdart

James Studdart

James Studdart is a full stack .NET developer, solutions architect and team leader based in the UK. He has experience in a wide range of markets from tropical fish and domestic services to international freight and the holiday industry, to name but a few.

He doesn’t know the meaning of downtime…

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