Episode 19 - Coding from the Beach!

Episode 19 - Coding from the Beach!

April 03, 2017 | 0 Comments
Episode 19 - Coding from the Beach!


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Episode 19 - Coding from the Beach!

So straight off the bat I am not going to be telling you how to get out of the office and work on a beach, but what we will be discussing today is working remotely, I wanted to address some of the awesome things about working remote but also the challenges that get over looked.

The points I will address will be:

The Benefits

  • Less travel, relief from commuting
  • Saving money, so technically you’re earning more money
  • Quiet when you need it
  • Freedom of where you work from
  • A wider pool of jobs

The Problems

  • Knowing how much to do, and not slack off
  • Lack of human contact and the same four walls
  • Problem solving gets harder

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