Episode 17 - Get Promoted!

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Show Notes

In this episode we discuss getting promoted

We are going to talk about getting promoted, not matter if that is from junior to developer, developer to senior or above. There are some fundamental targets you should fulfillp to make help your employer recognise your worth.

We are going to cover 6 tips, these are:

  1. Be reliable, and build reliable software.
  2. Master the architecture. Then play with it and learn it!
  3. Get things done
  4. Be proactive in helping others succeed.
  5. Have a cool head and a sense of humour.
  6. If you can’t change your job or Change your job

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James Studdart

James Studdart

James Studdart is a full stack .NET developer, solutions architect and team leader based in the UK. He has experience in a wide range of markets from tropical fish and domestic services to international freight and the holiday industry, to name but a few.

He doesn’t know the meaning of downtime…

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