Episode 15 - Getting that first developer job

Episode 15 - Getting that first developer job

March 06, 2017 | 0 Comments
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Episode 15 - Getting that first developer job

In this episode we discuss Interviews and CV to help you get your first job as a developer.




If you haven’t listened to Episode 13, I'd strongly suggest you go back and listen to it, as this episode builds on the foundations laid there.

This episode has 7 points that we will address, and you need to understand them if you are to succeed:

  1. Have a killer CV
  2. Get yourself on LinkedIn
  3. Take a stock pile
  4. Stupid Questions!
  5. Don't lie to me!
  6. Practical tests
  7. Be prepared for your interview


Services we mentioned

LinkedIn - http://linkedIn.com/


Host your code for free

GitHub - http://github.com


Audio Books

Amazon's Audible - http://CynicalDeveloper-Beta.com/audible

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