Episode 148 - Letters to a new dev

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In this episode we talk about some truths that new developers should be aware of with Dan Moore.


Contacting Dan Moore Website: https://letterstoanewdeveloper.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mooreds


Get the book USA: https://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484260739
Rest of the World: https://www.apress.com/gp/book/9781484260739

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Dan Moore

Dan Moore

Dan is a developer with around twenty years of experience.

He has worked in academia, startups, and both small and large companies. Dan has held many roles from developer to instructor to contractor and founder, in his own words "He's been around the block when it comes to working as a software developer".

Dan also has a passion for writing and has authored blogs about his software experiences since 2003. Dan has written books on topics such as mobile software development and produced a video course about Amazon Machine Learning.

More recently he has written a book, Letters To a New Developer, and thats what we're here to talk about about today.

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