Episode 13 - Becoming a Developer

Episode 13 - Becoming a Developer

February 20, 2017 | 0 Comments
Episode 13 - Becoming a Developer


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Episode 13 - Becoming a Developer

We're taking a different approach to this weeks show, there is no guest it's just me, on my own sat here talking to you guys and girls out there.

The aim of the podcast is to help you to improve your development knowledge and career, but some of you out there you don't have a career yet and need to know how to get started.

So I am going to make this a regular thing, every other week in between the interviews and I want to cover a lot of topics from where to start to what routes you can go with your career, how to get yourself out there and how to get from your career.


In this Episode we cover the below steps.

  1. Don't try and learn everything
  2. Get Involved in the Tech Communities
  3. Build something useful it will teach you a lot
  4. Find your Splinter, Yoda, Mr Miyagi or your rockstar! in short find a mentor!
  5. Use the internet to learn!
  6. Experiment! set yourself a project to do. 

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Services we mentioned

YouTube - http://youtube.com
Pluralsight - http://pluralsight.com
Code.org - http://code.org
Live Coding - http://livecoding.tv
CodeWars - http://codewars.com
StackOverflow - http://stackoverflow.com


Host your code for free

GitHub - http://github.com


Blog Platforms

Blogger - http://blogger.com
Tumblr - http://tumblr.com
WordPress - http://wordpress.com


Audio Books

Amazon's Audible - http://CynicalDeveloper-Beta.com/audible


Paul Seal

On YouTube - http://www.codeshare.co.uk/youtube

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