Episode 7 - Umbraco CMS!

Episode 7 - Umbraco CMS!

January 09, 2017 | 0 Comments
Episode 7 - Umbraco CMS!


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Episode 7 - Umbraco CMS!

In this Episode we speak to Paul Seal from Media Maker about Umbraco CMS. Paul explains what Umbraco is, what we should use it for, and that it isn't the horrible beast some of us remember.


Contacting Paul Seal

Website: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/
Twitter: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/twitter
LinkedIn: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/linkedin
Google+: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/google
Facebook: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/facebook
Company Website: http://www.mediamaker.co.uk/


Living coding: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/livecoding
Youtube: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/youtube
Umbraco TV: http://www.umbraco.tv/
Pluralsight: http://www.codeshare.co.uk/pluralsight
Umbraco help: http://our.umbraco.org/forum


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