Skype Security Issue on Windows

Skype Security Issue on Windows

October 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

So this week I started getting some popups from Skype, telling me that there was an integrity issue with the security certificates being provided by the adverts withing Skype on Windows.

I would randomly get the below message popping up, clicking Yes would see the advert load and it would be okay for a few minutes and then it would appear again when it requested a new advert. If you chose No it just wouldn't load the advert and then a few minutes later it would ask you again.

Skype on Windows, Certificate Issue

What made this even worse was if you dismissed the advert with the X it would 'freeze out' the chat window, and the only solution was to restart Skype, not ideal every 5 minutes when it's one of my main channels of communication for work.

So, how do you fix this, well apart from Skype removing those offending advertisements from their roll we're pretty helpless, except for one option, to remove the ability for Skype to load the adverts.

Down with Skype Adverts!

  1. To do this is really simple, open the following directory:

    C:\users\{Your Windows Username}\App Data\Roaming\Skype\{Your Skype Username}

  2. Open config.xml in your favourite text editor, and look for the node AdvertPlaceHolder.
  3. Delete that sucker!
  4. Save the file, and close your editor.
  5. We aren't done yet, lets stop Skype from putting that node back, right click on the file, and chose properties
  6. Under Attributes check the box for Read-Only and hit OK
  7. Restart Skype! and jobs a good 'en

Now you might still see some adverts in existing conversations that Skype cached, but they will disappear eventually, and you will not get any more loading up.

Note: I am using Skype, I haven't tested this on the newer Windows 10 app version, and or any older versions of Skype.


I hope this clears up an annoyance for you.

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